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Cathedral uses a variety of technologies, including java, javascript, shockwave, and real audio. In order to fully experience Cathedral, you'll need the following browser and plug-in set up:

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Browser - - - - - - - - >

For a browser we recommend Internet Explorer v5 and above. You can also use other browsers, but some features may not be available to all users. For optimum viewing, please enable javascript in your browser preferences.


We have become aware of a compatibility issue between QuickTime and Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 and the Internet Explorer 6 Preview for Windows. To restore compatibility, those using these browsers will need to install a small piece of software, called the ActiveX control. This issue affects ONLY those of you using one of the above versions of Internet Explorer on a Windows-based computer. < Click here > to visit the Apple site, where you will be prompted to download and install this control if you do not already have it.


To Hear the Cathedral Web Site - - - - - - - - >

All of the music of Cathedral is played using either the Shockwave, Flash, Real Audio or Quick Time plug-ins, depending on the page. If you go to a page and you don't have its required plug-in, you will be taken automatically to a page where you can download it. You can also get them now by clicking on the buttons at the left. Not sure if you have them installed? < Click Here > to check.


If you can't hear anything after installing, be sure to set the correct plug-in in the browser Preferences > Applications (use QuickTime for .midi and .mov files, Beatnik for .rmf files, Shockwave for .dcr and .swa files, Flash for .swf files and Real Audio for Real Audio files). Cathedral sounds best when played through external computer speakers or an external stereo system.


To Hear A Webcast  - - - - - - - - >

You'll need to get the free Real Audio (minimum version 8) player before the webcast. If you click on the webcast link and you don't have the plug-in, you will be taken automatically to a download page. You can also get it now by clicking on the button at the left.


To Play and Hear the Virtual Instruments - - - - - - >

The plug-ins required for each Virtual Instrument are:

The PitchWeb

You'll need the Shockwave (minimum version 8) and the QuickTime (minimum version 4) plug-in to play the PitchWeb.

The Sound Pool

The Sound Pool is currently closed for renovations, as it uses technology that is no longer supported by current browsers.


You'll need to get the Shockwave plug-in to manipulate the images of Chaos and be able to play mp3 files to hear the associated concert.

If you have any further questions or are experiencing any difficulties, visit the < Cathedral Forum > or drop a line to cathedral at monroestreet dot com.

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