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About the Cathedral Project
The PitchWeb
What is the PitchWeb?
How is the PitchWeb played?
How is the multiuser PitchWeb played?
What is
What is Podcasting?
What do I need to hear a podcast?
How do I subscribe to The iPod Opera?
I don't have an iPod. Can I still hear the podcast?
I click on the XML link and all I see is code.
The Site
What is Cathedral?
How did the project begin?
When did Cathedral go online?
What is the artistic concept of Cathedral?
When did the live webcasts begin?
What was the 48-hour webcast of 2001?
What special projects are occurring now?
The Cathedral Band
What is the Cathedral Band?
Who are the band members?
Who have the guest artists been?
Has the band worked with visual and video artists?
What is the role of the DJ and the PitchWeb?
What is the purpose of the band in the project?
The Music of Cathedral
What types and styles of music make up Cathedral?
What basic browser and plugins do I need?
Where do I get the plugins if I need them?
What software was used to develop Cathedral?
The Virtual Instruments
What is the Sound Pool?
What is Chaos?
The Cathedral Project is a continuously evolving work of music and art for the web.

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